Magnetic stripe cards have been the most widely used form of encoding in the world

Loyalty cards and access control. There are two types of magnetic material used to form the mag stripe:
300 Oersted magnetic tape (Generally Brown) used in (LoCo) low coercivity cards.
2750+ Oersted magnetic tape (Generally Black) used in (HiCo) high coercivity cards.
An Oersted (Oe) is the CGS electro-magnetic unit of field strength. Available from numerous sources, standard magnetic tape is similar in many ways to audio or videotape. Co (Coercivity) refers to the values of coercive force behind these substances, originally magnetized to saturation in order to change the orientation of the material. For this, HiCo cards require up to 13 times the magnetic force compared to standard cards. One of the main differences behind these two options is durability; the higher the oersted, the less likely the data is to unintentionally be erased when exposed to a external magnetic field.
When selecting a card with this encoding, the main question you’d need to ask when presented with these two options is ‘How long to do I want the card to last? cheap card id printer . While LoCo is a good alternative for users who intend to use the product for short term applications such as gift cards, HiCo is recommended for everything else, where decay from usage and age is less likely to occur.
As the predominant technology for access control, proximity technologies are used around the world because of their flexible applications… but what people don’t know is ‘how’.
So what happens?
Access control readers transmit a specific Radio Frequency (RF), so when a object containing the right credential coding passes it in close proximity, the RF signal is absorbed by a small coil inside the card/ fob that powers up its microchip. This in turn uses this energy to transmit its coded data to the reader on a different frequency, all in the span of a few microseconds.
There are numerous benefits to using proximity devices, such as:
The diverse nature of the technology can allows for it to be used for more than one form of identification, both digital and visual. In addition, it can be used across multiple platforms, such as payment technology, tracking and functionality like a library card.
Unlike other forms of technology, one way in which proximity technology is unrivalled is in its simplicity. This product does not require additional accessories or slots. Access control’s only relevant physical hardware when in practice is the reader and the physical object.
In the world of manual tools the only counterpart this device would have would be your standard keys, which in comparison seem rudimentary. One thing that access control will always have over keys and locks is ease of use.